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Our Core


ARCH finishes is an informational platform for Architects on anyone looking for interior products, where they can gather information about building finishes and materials.

It focuses on cataloging materials of different brands which will act as one stop destination for any architect who is at the stage of finalizing materials for their project.

The ARCH Finishes

This platform is for anyone who is somewhere related to building industry. They will find various brands here with their numerous products which will give them a brief idea about what is there in the market and will help them to make a quick decision about what to use and what options do they have when it comes to building finishes.
It is also for various manufacturer or brands who are related to building industry and want their products to be showcased somewhere where their audience ‘the Architects’ are easily available.

Our Main


ARCH finishes aims to create a hassle free platform for various brands where they don’t have to knock every Architects office to show their new launch or to give brief about their products. ARCH finishes will do their job for them here.
We aim to make ARCH finishes a platform where an Architect or any one who is looking for finishing material for their project can find a lot of options of different materials, various brands without stepping out from their places. It will help them to save their time, their energy and will give them a lot of creative freedom.