Having a private seating space where you can have a sip of coffee and enjoy the outdoor the scenes sometimes becomes a dream when you are living in a place/city where the value of every square footage matters. And its really celebrating if you have a place , even if its in the form of small balcony.

Designing a small balcony and giving a comfy look and yet fulfilling all the needs of your house becomes a challenge. While designing your small balcony you just not have to think of making it comfortable and cozy but also have to keep in mind of its utility.

Note-In today’s blog post I will try to deal with this problem and will discuss a few points which will make your small balcony look beautiful and functional at the same time.

I am saying this thing because in many houses/apartments people have only one small balcony facing the main road. That means the only place where they can hang their clothes to dry. It’s the practical problem that with an apartment that can’t be ignored.

So dreaming a beautiful balcony where they can sit with their friends/ family or alone in the evening or night time or enjoying morning coffee becomes a dream sometimes.


A layout plan is always important before you start any decor project. Either it is small balcony or a huge one, it’s going to help you all the time and will prevent you from making mistakes.

All you have to do is to take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and draw a layout of your balcony with existing door and windows.

Take proper measurement of a balcony it will help you to find out the right size of the furniture that will fit in to your small balcony.

Creating a seating nook where you are going to enjoy the outside scene. Also, a place mark areas where you can put some loose furniture when needed or a stand to keep clothes for drying.

Your furniture layout should not be scattered, it should be well composed and functional.


It won’t be wise to use too many furniture if your balcony is cramped. It will eat too much of your space. A bench for seating will be a good idea. It will require lesser maintenance also lesser space. The space below the bench can be used to place stools when not in use.

You can use a fixed foldable table along the walls where you place your cup after enjoying coffee or a book etc. Also you can place a foldable seating.


Many small apartments don’t have a separate utility area where people can wash their clothes.

Finding a place to wash clothes or put washing machine becomes a challenge then.

If you are planning to keep your washing machine in your balcony its better to designate a proper place which you might call a laundry nook.

Add a proper plumbing point, drain point and electrical point. It will be better if you will add some cabinets above the washing machine. By doing this your balcony won’t be cluttered when you will be washing your clothes.


Choosing the right flooring material becomes the relevant part when you plan to use your balcony as washing area as well. The flooring that you will be choosing should be easy to clean and make sure it doesn’t leave any stain behind.

Check the slope of the floor while laying the tiles. It should be directed towards the drain or else your balcony will become a mess at the time of washing clothes.

Wooden flooring, although it looks really nice and one of my favorite while choosing the flooring finishes, but I won’t suggest to use it here. You will be washing clothes in the balcony so it will last for a shorter period of time. You can add wooden finish tile if you want to add some wooden look in your balcony floor.

Ceramic tile, vitrified tile, stone tiles… etc, which are easy to clean and maintain will be a good choice for the space.


This is a very important point to consider before we start the decor work. If this problem is not resolved, your balcony will feel suffocated when clothes are hanged.

There are many amazing systems by which you can hang your clothes. Look for those options. You can hang your clothes along the ceiling by using the string attach to a system. It’s totally adjustable. You can bring down the string to hang clothes and then you can lift them up. By doing this your balcony floor space will be free and you can enjoy the scene and clothes are still drying.


Good lighting always enhances the beauty of the space. The pendant light on the ceiling looks really nice. I know most of your ceiling space will be occupied with strings to hang clothes but finding a corner where you can hang a light will make your balcony look lively during nights.

You can also add lightings on walls, like four-way lights, wall lamps etc. to create some drama there. Yellow light, filament light will enhance the beauty of the space.


Colors never disappoint. You can bring vibrant colors in your balcony through soft furnishing or you can paint the wall using some accent color or you can use wall papers.

There are so many beautiful vases and pots available in the market, you can check out those. They will look really beautiful and funky and will bring a smile to your balcony.


If you want to add a comfy feeling in your balcony, nothing is better than adding a some soft furnishing there. Adding outdoor cushions and rugs will not only add some softness, but will also create a comfortable zone for you to sit and relax.

Make sure to choose the material for your cushions and rugs that withstand with the outdoor weather condition. It will make the maintenance easier.


You just can’t make your balcony look beautiful if you forget to add some greenery there. A balcony which is also the place to wash and dry clothes will be a challenging space to add some green elements.

Designate one wall to add some greenery by creating shelves and putting pots and planters. You can also do vertical gardening on the entire wall to add the green element. Your railing can also be a wonderful place for greenery. You can add some planters


If your balcony is west facing or south facing, adding something which will protect from sun will be really a smart move. These are the direction where solar radiations are harsh and you will want to protect your space from getting extensive heat.

By adding this your balcony will always ready to invite you and you can have you thinking time there without thinking about the time.


You don’t have to put so many things in your balcony to make it look beautiful. Sometime adding only one beautiful piece of furniture does the job.

You can go with floor mounted swing with comfy floor cushion, and your balcony will be ready to rock. Or an accent chair with beautiful upholstery.

Less is more and less speaks loud and clear.


If your balcony is used for washing clothes, you can’t add wooden flooring there. Wooden flooring has its own beautiful affect to the mood of the invidiual.

You can add wooden rafters at the ceiling with beautiful lighting. They will look really beautiful and will satisfy the need of adding some wooden element.


Even if its a small balcony, even you have so many chores to do there, you have full right to make your small balcony look beautiful. Start with some basic planning and follow your heart. You know your taste better than any on else does.

Whether it is adding a lantern to create some mood, whether it is adding some pottery work, whatever it is, if its making you happy, making you ecstatic when you reach there, that means you are embracing that space and that space is embracing you.

Follow your heart and do whatever makes you and your space happy.

Let me know if you have something in your mind that you think will help the small balcony to look beautiful, feel free to write in comment section.

Have a great day. I am really pleased to find you here.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe….. 🙂 🙂