Your living room is the heart of your house, whether you believe it or not. It’s not only the place for family entertainment/ family gatherings but also a place where you can showcase your creativity to the world.

If the interior design of your living is according your choice, you are likely to spend more time there and also with a good mood. In this post we will be discussing about how to make your living room look more glamorous and luxurious.

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A beautiful and well-crafted living room will set the tone of your home decor. It’s the place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable after entering the home.


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The design of the space demands comfort and a touch of luxury at the same time. But adding luxury sometimes becomes difficult to acquire when you are working on a tight budget.

In today’s blog post, I will be discussing the ways by which you can add glamour and luxury to your living room, without compromising with the comfort and also without compromising with your budget.

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Here I am going to discuss the points that will help you to decorate your living space if you have empty space to work on. These points will definitely help you to make some good decisions. So keep reading.


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It’s the first and most important point that you have to think before starting to decorate your place. Draw the furniture layout. Is it creating a sufficient comfortable circulation zone? Is it creating a good conversational area?

A bad furniture layout can kill the beauty of space.

While choosing the type of furniture, assessment of the space is very important. Buy furniture that fits your space. It will become much easier for you if you will draw the space with dimensions on a piece of paper and then decide the furniture.

Mark the type of furniture you want to place in that room with sizes. It will help you to visualize the space in a better way and will help you finalize the type of furniture that you have to buy.

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If you are working in a smaller room, don’t hesitate to go bold with furniture selection. Adding one bold furniture will not only add an element in your living space but it will camouflage the room size.

For a bigger space, make sure you create a comfortable conversational zone. Place furniture in a way that a group of people can easily have a conversation.

An accent chair/furniture will always give some more points to space. Try to find a nook where you can add that in your decor.

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The use of decorative lighting on walls and ceiling can instantly change the look of your space. It not only add glamour to space but also adds an element of luxury.

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It’s not compulsory to buy an expensive decorative lighting system for your room. Inexpensive, well-crafted wall and ceiling light will also do the job.

A room when layered with the combination of wall light and pendant creates an impact that no one can ignore.

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You can also create drama by using beautiful candles. They will create an enigmatic aroma that you will definitely love.

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The choice of color is personal. Be subtle with what you choose. Keep in mind, that painting the wall again is a tedious job. The color that you have chosen might last for a long time. And bright and dark colors might bore you after some time.

Choose neutral color palette, earthy tones like beige, tones of white and beige, etc. to paint the entire walls.

Adding colors and patterns through soft furnishing will be a good idea if you want to satisfy the need for colors in the space.

Tones of white and beige are not only eye-pleasing but they everlasting. They will elegance and charm, that luxury demands.


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Soft furnishing in any space adds beauty to the place. Use different size cushion covers, throws and pillows to bring warmth and texture.

The layering of an area rug of different shapes over the full-length carpet can be one way to add texture to space and it always looks really nice.



The use of metals and mirrors in any space increases its beauty. Add a mirror work on any wall and you will notice the difference it will create.

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You can use furniture with a metal base. They look really beautiful and elegant. The glossiness of mirror and metal increases the charm of the space and add a touch of glamour that you will always love.

Such a beautiful use of metal and mirror work.


Investing in a huge painting will never disappoint you. They can completely change the look of your space.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on artwork, you can print out the image you like, and frame them. You are going to love how your space will turn out.

Be considerate while placing the painting on the wall. If you are placing the painting behind the sofa or a chair, start the base of the painting like 3’6″ from the ground.

If you are placing the painting above a console table or a credenza, take it 6″-8″ from the top.

Source- Etsy
Source- Etsy


A good window treatment always enhances the luxury value of any room. Windows that runs from the ceiling and flow on the floor look really beautiful.

Create an accent wall. You can read my blog post about how to create an accent wall in the room.

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Use of planters/greenery in your living space. They add freshness and liveliness also some more texture to the room.

Go for a theme. Either it is a color theme or some style theme. Don’t just everything style/ color in one place.


If you will follow these simple tips, your room will definitely come out really nice. Enjoy decorating… 🙂