Advance Cork-3D Cork Texture


  • Advance Cork
BRAND : Advance Cork

3D Cork Wall Coverings serves as cost effective alternative to traditional wall coverings. Available in wide varieties of patterns styles and shades, these wall coverings compliment any kind of decor and furniture style. Cork, with its natural cushion cells serves as a natural thermal insulator.

It does not cause any types of allergic reaction and is very safe for asthmatic and dust allergic people. The 3D Cork-Wall Coverings are environmental- friendly and are free from formaldehyde.


  • Anti-allergic
  • Environment- friendly
  • No inorganic compounds
  • Minimal environment impact
  • Excellent in durability
  • Reduced echo
  • Resistant to heat and chemicals


These 3D Cork-Wall Coverings are basically for high lighting a wall in the bed room, living room etc. Other than this, these wall coverings can also be used in homes, commercial establishments like shops, salons and offices and public buildings such as hospitals, schools and colleges.