Orientbell-ODM Amelia Grey Light Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic, Digital, Light
Finish: Matte Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Dining Room Tiles
Can be used for: Wall Tiles
Tile Size: 300×600 mm

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About ODM Amelia Grey Light:

The ODM Amelia Grey Light Tile is an amazing choice if you’re looking for a subtle yet elegant piece of tile! The intricate design with a combination of different colours makes the tile very beautiful. The colours and the design are digitally imprinted on the tile, making them long lasting. You can make it even prettier by clubbing the tile with a printed tile and create an interesting combination to get a highlighting effect! The tile is made in the size of 300mm x 600mm and is ready to set the mood in your space. The tile is made of ceramic material which makes the tile strong and durable. They are best suited for your bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash or even for lift lobbies. The Amelia Grey tile comes with a matte finish which helps the tiles stay clean and on top of that, it conceals the smudges and dried water marks! The tile is also scratch-resistant and stain-resistant and does not absorb moisture! And that’s not all. The tile is also very low maintenance. The tile is very easy to clean and can be done so just by using a wet mop or cloth. You’re sure to love this tile!

Other Details:
Size: 300×600
Tiles per Box: 6
Number of Faces: 4
Factory: Sikandrabad
Recommended Laying Pattern: Basketweave Pattern, Brick Pattern, Herringbone Pattern, Straight Pattern