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Archidlam high pressure laminates are manufactured using modified phenol formaldehyde resin with a special molecular ratio to impart strong bonding in the laminates. The use of the state of the art high pressure laminate press gives the product increased dimensional stability. In addition, our Swiss make sanding machine ensures uniformity and a well sanded surface for better adherence of the adhesive and more efficient use of glue.
Application of HPL
High pressure laminates are a popular choice among architects and interior designers for use in various commercial and domestic spaces. The application of high pressure laminate has a wide range varying from kitchen countertops to high traffic commercial flooring and in some cases, furniture cabinets as well. A popular type of laminate, high pressure laminate sheets make for one of the most versatile laminate available for use.

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Benefits of HPL
There are several benefits of using high pressure laminate that allow it to be used extensively in all spaces. Some of the best known qualities of high pressure laminate sheets are:
Durability: Processed under high pressure, these sheets make for one of the most durable laminates. They are also scratch resistant. That is why they are the ideal for commercial spaces with heavy traffic such as hospitals, restaurants, institutes, etc.
Versatility: High pressure laminates are not only decorative but also functional. They are used on walls, cupboards, shelves, cubicles and many more spaces without the worry of horizontal or vertical application.
Variety: The high pressure laminate sheets are available in a variety of colours and textures. They make it easier to amplify your space and ace the aesthetic appeal you have in mind. The plethora of choices in terms of textures such as gloss and matte, to colours and designs, high pressure laminates help you find the perfect finish for your project!

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