Automatic Revolving Door System


  • Ozone
BRAND : Ozone

Type of drive unit Automatic
Roof outside color Anodized
Roof outside Water proof with 2 side drainages
Diameter 1800 – 3600mm
Total height 2500mm
Number of door leafs 3 / 4 leaf
Door Locking Key locking with drop bolt
Lighting 3 x 12Vdecoration light
Accessories Emergency stop button, Drive unit, Button programme switch & Handicap Switch (2sets)
Sensor Radar Sensor
Safety Sensor Leading Mullion sensor (safety sensor for Inside and outside entrance)
Power Supply 220 V/AC + 10% 50 Hz
High Speed Adjustment Range 1 – 4 RPM
Low Speed Adjustment Range 0.5 – 1.5 RPM
Motor Power 250 W
Lighting Power 300 W
Control System Power 50 W
*available against confirmed project orders with lead time

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