Tisva-Carmelita Spanish Wall Lamps


  • Tisva
BRAND : Tisva

The colored strands of the Carmelita evoke the innate beauty of Spanish orchards and vineyards. Handcrafted Bohemia glass in colors honey and clear, swirl around its chrome canopy. Pair it up with with the family of lights to set your spaces apart.

The Spanish Collection brings to you wondrous masterpieces that fuse together Spanish artistry with the glassmaking traditions of Bohemia.Hand cut, engraved, and blown, the glass in these wall lights have a unique form and look. The high flexibility glass with a high refractive index can cast the whole colour spectrum across your space. These harmonious compositions like the great works of Goya and Picasso come together with innovative technology to bring the very poetry of the Spanish soul to life.

  • Specifications
Lamp Base: E14
Colour: Honey Glassn & Chrome Frame
Installation: Wall mounted
Warranty: 10 years
Power: 1 x 9W
Dimensions: W15 x H28
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  • Features
  1. Dimmable*
  2. Specially designed for energy saving lamps
  3. Low glare illumination