Orientbell-PCG Mesh Carrara Venato Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic, Digital, Highlighter, Porcelain
Finish: Glossy Finish
Applicable Spaces: Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Office Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Accent Tiles, School Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
Can be used for: Floor Tiles
Tile Size: 600×600 mm

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About PCG Mesh Carrara Venato:

The classy combination of white, black and grey colours gives an aesthetic touch to the entire decor. This tile is one of the most durable tiles available at Orientbell Tiles. It lasts longer than many other ordinary tiles therefore you do not need to worry about this tile maintenance. Orientbell Tiles’ PCG Mesh Carrara Venato is available in 600x600mm size and can be used on the floors of multiple places such as a kitchen, bedroom, living room, restaurant, hospital, office and all other high footfall areas. Moreover, this stylish tile is available at a reasonable price even though it is full of functionalities. Also, Orientbell Tiles’ PCG Mesh Carrara Venato is immune to smudges, scratches, acids and fire. Furthermore, the multi-coloured design is digitally imprinted on the tile surface making it last longer. Besides, the glossy finish used in this tile gives a more enchanting look to the place where it is installed.

Other Details:
Size: 600×600
Tiles per Box: 4
Number of Faces: Random>4
Factory: Sikandrabad