Casment Doors


  • JSK Window
BRAND : JSK Window

One of the most popular Casement Doors styles, the casment door offer the maximum unobstructed view of out side. It feaures a sash that is hunged from the side on an outer frame and can open inwards r outwards, to the left right, allowing maximun flow of air into the room.

Extermel energy efficient when closed, this casment window comes in varied designs like side hung, top hung etc.

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Strong insulation and highly energy-efficient.
Dual sealing to help keep out sound dust and air pollution.
Good quality hardware that doesn’t rust or corrode.
Multi-point locking hardware that doesn’t rust or corrode.
Double-/triple glazing choices for much better energy and sound insulation.
Protects towards rain water leakage and storms.
Available in number of designs, colors and hardware Customized dimensions available.

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