Cast Stone Dinning Table



Product code: DT11900
Material: Cast stone and metal, available in a variety of finishes
Custom sizing available
Designed by Shah Gilani, ISFD

Inspiration for the Cast Stone Dining Table came from furnishings of villas around the Mediterranean region. Stone was one of the first materials to be used for making furniture. Archaeological research shows that Neolithic people used stone tables, beds, shelves, and seats. The Cast Stone Dining Table Base is offered in a variety of finishes. Top options include glass, copper, brass, and wood. With its casual elegance, it makes an exceptional dining table for eclectic residential and hospitality interiors. Cast stone is made from environmentally safe materials and is free of solvents and resins. Custom sizing is available. Designed by Shah Gilani, ISFD. We welcome international orders. Our shipping department can arrange customs clearance and delivery to the customerÕs door anywhere in the world.

A WORD ABOUT CAST STONE: Cast Stone is a rugged material and will withstand decades of use, indoors or outdoors. Even so, it should be treated as any other piece of fine furniture and protected against damage by abrasion, hard impacts, etc. Spills and soils should be promptly sponged with a mild soap solution. Hairline cracks are inherent to this material due to contraction and expansion with changes in temperature and moisture. Small cracks and chips do not affect the structural integrity of the piece.

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