Orientbell-DGVT Cementum Gris Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Vitrified
Finish: Matte Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Terrace Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Porch Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Accent Tiles, Automotive Tiles, School Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office, Outdoor/Terrace
Can be used for: Floor Tiles
Tile Size: 600×1200 mm

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About DGVT Cementum Gris:

Your house will draw attention all the time, when you go for the DGVT Cementum Gris Tiles from Orientbell. These digital vitrified tiles are ‘in’ and make for great additions to your spaces – after all, who doesn’t want to be in-trend? Blend it with highlighter tiles or use it as it is in your favourite spaces, be it bedrooms, living room or the dining area. Of course, why leave the kitchen and bathrooms behind? They work wonderfully as backsplashes and enhance these spaces. What’s more, they also boast a matte finish that’s sure to catch your eye and add some sparkle to your most-loved spaces. These white-greyish tiles have a blurry effect and are striking to the T! Even if you have kids or pets running around, worry not – these tiles will not suffer any damage. In case there’s any spillage, you can easily clean it and be at peace – after all, it does not cause any permanent stains. They are scratch-resistant as well, so that’s even better news.These tiles striking patterns will instantly accentuate the floors of your bedroom, living room or even bathrooms and kitchen. Now that’s a win-win!

Other Details:
Size: 600×1200
Tiles per Box: 2
Number of Faces: 4
Factory: Sikandrabad
Recommended Laying Pattern: Basketweave Pattern, Brick Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern