Complete Shower Set Graphite Grey


  • Aquant
BRAND : Aquant

Complete Shower Set in Graphite Grey.

Full Set Includes:
-> Brass Air-Effect Rain Shower (Size: 300 x 190 mm)
-> Brass Shower Arm (Size: 400 mm)
-> 3-Outlet Thermostatic Diverter with Click-Select™ Technology
-> Hand Shower with Shower Rail with in-built Water Outlet & 1.5 meter SS Flexible Hose.
-> Brass Plain Spout
-> Brass Health Faucet set 1 meter SS Flexible Hose & Wall Bracket.
-> Brass Angle Valve

Graphite Grey Complete Shower Set.

Graphite Grey is a sophisticated and modern option which offers a great contrast to natural tiles and lighter hues. Many designers and passionate homeowners have shown great interest in playing with the juxtaposition of this finish. Combined with revolutionary Click-Select™ Technology, our Graphite Grey shower set comes with a diverter with Thermostatic water mixing.

Full Set Includes:

-> Air-Effect Rain Shower

Brass Material with Graphite Grey Finish
Size: 300 x 190 mm
Water + Air = Natural Rain: Natural rain was the mindset for the development of these innovative showers. Air is aspirated into the rain shower head and is mixed with water in a ratio of 3:1, to create a swirling effect. These air bubbles interrupt the solid water stream and generate millions of large water drops. You will experience the same effect of rain – calming and revitalizing.
-> Brass Shower Arm:
Size: 400 mm
-> 3-Outlet Thermostatic Diverter with Click-Select™ Technology:
Powered by our latest Click-Select™ Technology, our latest diverter allows you to experience a personalized and luxurious shower every day. You can select your desired shower function simply with the push of a button.
Thanks to innovative technology with Aquant Thermostatic Diverters, you can enjoy water at a constant temperature, providing reliable protection against scorching hot surprises, offering comfort and safety to everyone, from the first to the last drop.
Concealed Thermostatic Diverter with Click-Select™ control-unit for 3 outlets.
Body made of High-Quality Brass.
20 mm (¾”) Inlets provide a higher flow rate.
Three Outlet connections.
Flexibility to operate all outlets simultaneously.
European-made Thermostatic Cartridge: