Orientbell-ODG Dakota Brown Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic, Dark, Digital
Finish: Glossy Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles
Can be used for: Wall Tiles
Tile Size: 300×450 mm

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About Odg Dakota Brown Tile:

Make a statement with your walls and let them do the talking for you. Dakota Brown is an offbeat shade of marble in brown colour yet so adjusting to the eyes that it automatically makes a connection. Looking to tile your bathroom or kitchen walls with marble tiles that look different yet exciting then? Dakota Brown is an answer to all such queries. These tiles look great as is and can also be combined with similar highlighter tiles to create a concept. Marble tiles are easy to maintain and clean than actual marble slabs available. These tiles comes with gloss finish in ceramic body which makes them easy to clean and wipe especially when installed in kitchen backsplash which attracts oil and food stains. A single swipe with clean cloth is all you need to wipe away all the gunk on your tiles. These are a great wall tile option for bathroom because of its ceramic body which can be washed, mopped and cleaned within no time. They are also resistant to insects, fire, rot and odour. It is the most popular and versatile in category of tiles. Once laid, they continue to beautify your spaces for years to come.

Other Details:
Size: 300×450
Tiles per Box: 6
Number of Faces: 4
Factory: Sikandrabad
Recommended Laying Pattern: Brick Pattern, Straight Pattern