Orientbell-ODG Leaves Grey DK Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic, Dark, Digital
Finish: Glossy Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Accent Tiles
Can be used for: Wall Tiles
Tile Size: 300×600 mm

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About ODG Leaves Grey DK:

Bring home the beauty of nature with the striking ODG Leaves Grey DK tile. Manufactured using the latest technology, this heavy-duty ceramic tile is tough and durable. This glossy finish tile is made of ceramic, dark and digital materials. Easy to clean with a simple mop, the digital imprint on this tile will not fade away easily even after repeated cleaning or with time, making it a sound investment for your commercial space as well as your residential space. Combine with light grey tiles to create a seamless effect or with blues or greens to create a cool, eye pleasing space. Want to create a contrasting look that turns heads? Add touches of orange or red to create a fiery look. The tile is available in boxes of six pieces each and measures 300x600mm.

Other Details:
Size: 300×600
Tiles per Box: 6
Number of Faces: 1
Factory: Sikandrabad
Recommended Laying Pattern: Basketweave Pattern, Brick Pattern, Herringbone Pattern, Straight Pattern