Orientbell-ODG Dorma Black Tile


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic, Dark, Digital
Finish: Glossy Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles
Can be used for: Wall Tiles
Tile Size: 300×450 mm

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About ODG Dorma Black Tile:

Looking to design your bathroom and kitchen to make heads turn with your stylish choice? Looking at creating an impact with your walls? Choose tiles like no one else with our Dorma Black glossy tiles that comes in ceramic body ready to adorn your walls like never before. Carefully created textures can either be put together with matching highlighter – Dorma Chess, for the bathroom and kitchen walls or can be used as is with bright lights. These tiles even have potential to become statement walls with rest of the walls in a different colour. When used behind basin area and kitchen backsplash they make for great highlight walls. The ceramic body of the tiles makes them easy to maintain and clean so that you walls look timeless and beautiful for years.

Other Details:
Size: 300×450
Tiles per Box: 6
Number of Faces: 1
Factory: Sikandrabad
Recommended Laying Pattern: Brick Pattern, Straight Pattern