Glen 660 Mr Turbo


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

8 Functions: Defrost, bottom heating, top bottom heating, convection with fan, radiant grilling, double grill, double grill with fan, convection
3 layer door with viewing window
Enamel oven interior
Removable rack support with shelf position
Capacity: 65Ltr
Motorized Rotisserie
Forced cooling system
Top Heating Element : 950W
Bottom Heating Element : 1100W
Grill Power : 2000W
Convection Power : 2000W

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The Glen 660 built-in-Oven is a multi function oven to give you perfect baking results for a longer period of time. The rotisserie feature makes it easier to access as it gets auto turned on when the grill function is activated. With the 3 layered glass viewing window, the users can easily have a glance at the food that is getting cooked inside. The turbo fan distributes the temperature evenly, and the large 65 litres capacity makes it big enough for all types of dishes.

Dimensions 22.64 × 23.43 × 23.43 cm
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