Glen 7054 Square Water Heater 6 Litre Mech


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

Unique square design to enhance bathroom aesthetics
Temperature control knob to heat water as desired
Glass lined tank for rust free durable performance
8 Bar pressure suitable for high rise buildings
Incoloy Glass lined coated heating element
Heavy duty magnesium Anode Rod with steel core
Polyurethane Insulation – CFC Free
Rust & shock proof ABS Body
5 star BEE Rating to help you save on electricity costs
Storage capacity of 6 ltr
Set of 2 SS Pipes free in installation box

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The Glen Square Water Heater 7054 enhances the aesthetics & adds a new charm to your bathroom. This models comes with Glasslined Tank, Incoloy Heating element and 8 Bar Pressure, intelligent safety features like dry heat protection, high pressure withstanding capacity and high grade thermostat cut off ensure safety for you and your loved ones over the years.