Glen Built In Kitchen Microwave Oven 675 25ltr 900w Grill 1000w With Glass Finish


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

Full glass fasica
Capacity 25 Litres
Microwave power – 900W
Grill 1000 W
Interior – Stainless Steel
Touch control, Interior Light
Electronic Clock, 8 Auto Menus
Defrost by weight or time
Cooking end signal, child safety lock
Delay Protection
Permatron protection
30 Sec. Speed Cook
Comply with EUP A11 standards
Dimension (WXDXH): 595x401x388 mm
Opening (W1XD1XH1): 560x550x380 mm

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The Glen Built in Microwave oven is designed in full glass finish having stainless steel interiors to go with your kitchen interiors. It has 8 auto cook menus for quick preparation of foods. With digital timer, you can achieve the desired results without much efforts. The pull handle door makes the appliance easy to operate. The 30 second speed cook is an added advantage for quick reheating or cooking of foods.

Dimensions 15.79 × 23.43 × 15.28 cm