Glen Built In Microwave Oven 672 Touch


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

5 functions: Microwave, Defrost, Combi, Grill, Auto cook
Covection Oven
Large oven capacity – 36 liter
Preset auto cook menu
Defrost by time and weight
Auto defrost, Quick cooking
Touch control, LCD display
5 microwave power levels
Grill plate, grill shelf
Child safety lock
Oven light, Timer 60 minutes
Grill 1500W
Microwave 1000W
Convection 1400W
Dimensions (W x D x H) – 595 x 468 x 455 mm
Opening (W1 x D1 x H1) 570 x 550 x 448 mm

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The Glen 672 Built in Microwave is designed to make your everyday meal preparation for the family convenient, yet special. It defrosts, heats and cooks a variety of foods. Packed with a host of features like Auto Cook Menus, touch control, LCD display, 5 power levels, child safety lock and more, this built in microwave ensures hassle free cooking. It 36 litre capacity makes it ideal for small to medium sized families.

Dimensions 18.43 × 23.43 × 17.91 cm