Glen Built In Oven 657 Touch 56 Ltr


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

8 functions: Grill, Top heating+convection, Back heating+convection, Grill+Top heating, Grill+Top heating+Convection, Top Bottom heating+Convection, Top+Bottom heating, Bottom heating+Convection
Large viewing window
Double glass door
Oven light, child safety lock
Large oven capacity – 56 Liter
Timer 24 hours
Grill plate, grill shelf,
Oil collect plate
Convection oven with turbo fan
Dimensions (WxDxH): 595x568x596 mm

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The Glen 657 built in oven is a multi function oven is designed to give you perfect cooking, grilling & baking results. With large viewing window, the users can easily have a glance at the food being cooked inside. The turbo fan distributes the temperature evenly and the large 56 litres capacity makes it big enough for all types of dishes.

Dimensions 22.36 × 23.43 × 23.46 cm