Glen Built In Oven 663 Gas 65 Ltr


  • Glen
BRAND : Glen

3 Functions
Works on LPG
Mechanical Timer – 120 min.
3 layer door with viewing window
Removable door plate
Forced cooling system
Smoke ventilation system
Oven Light
Oven Capacity – 65 lts.
Motorized Rotisserie
Wire rack with Drip pan
Equipped with Flame Failure Device
Temperature setting 160/265°C
Dimentions WxDxH mm – 595x575x595
Opening (W1 x D1 x H1) 565 x 590 x 585 mm

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The Glen 663 built-in-Oven is a multi function oven to give you perfect cooking, baking & grilling results for a longer period of time. The rotisserie feature makes it easier to cook a whole chicken at slow speed. With the 3 layered glass viewing window, the users can easily have a glance at the food being cooked inside. The large 65 litres capacity makes it big enough for all types of dishes. This built in oven is designed for use with LPG.

Dimensions 22.64 × 23.43 × 23.43 cm