Hulsta Sofa Hs.420


  • Hulsta
BRAND : Hulsta

This sofa range brings a new feeling of relaxation into the house. Whether with a high or low back, with an inclined side panel or straight, for informal gatherings with friends or for an afternoon nap – the hs.420 sofa easily meets every need. It literally floats on its fine wooden frame and looks wonderfully soft and casual despite all the delicacy.

If you take a closer look at the sofa, you realize: It not only looks like it, it feels like it too. The hs.420 also has a back function – the back cushions that can be raised and tilted backwards make it very comfortable for tall people to lean back and make the sofa a space saver. With the sofa, it was thought that you don’t always want to just sit. So you can fold the side parts up to stretch out lengthways and put your head down. Have fun relaxing.

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