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BRAND : Kutchina

The 44 L Chrome Excel by Kutchina lets you grill, bake, steam, or reheat foods effortlessly. With improved technology, our microwave oven is designed to make your cooking more precise and easy. The kitchen appliance is easy to use and is suitable for preparing a variety of delicious dishes. Our microwave oven comes with auto cooking and convection for a smooth cooking experience. With a microwave frequency of 900 W, it ensures uniform cooking while keeping the nutrients of the food intact. The feature-packed microwave oven comes with a skewer and universal pan, thereby ensuring convenient cooking. It also comes with a child lock programme so that children cannot operate it accidentally. Wattage: The Chrome Excel microwave oven comes with a microwave frequency of 900 W that ensures a smooth cooking experience. It allows uniform distribution of the heat, thereby keeping the food nutrients intact.
Auto cooking function: The auto-cooking function is specially designed for you to help prepare delicious and exotic recipes very easily. The appliance comes with 13 Indian and European auto cooking functions, like cake, pizza, soup, pasta, and more, that allow you to cook a myriad of lip-smacking recipes.
Convection: With a convection power of 1750 W, it ensures faster cooking, thereby saving a lot of energy and time. With the convection feature, the food gets evenly cooked because of the uniform heat distribution.
Switch control: The microwave oven comes with feather touch switch control. Just like the touchscreen feature, feather touch can also respond by sensing a slight touch of your fingertips. Besides, the control panel also adds to the elegance and aesthetics of the appliance.
Capacity: Appropriate for preparing large meals, this microwave oven by Kutchina comes with a capacity of 44 L. You can prepare, bake, or grill in large quantities at one go.
Child lock: This microwave oven is equipped with the child lock feature that keeps the control panel locked and prevents the appliance from being operated accidentally.
Accessories: The kitchen appliance comes with a skewer and universal pan to enhance your cooking experience.
Convenient cooking: The microwave oven cooks food very quickly. Be it reheating or baking, defrosting, and grilling, your kitchen appliance lets you do it all in a jiffy. The microwave oven is designed to maximise convenience for users.
Various modes: The features like 4 combi modes, fast preheating, grill, microwave, and cooking end signal let you try a wide variety of recipes.
Easy to clean and maintain: The microwave oven is very easy to maintain and clean. By steam cleaning the microwave, you can remove the grease and residue within minutes and that too without using any harsh chemicals. All you need to do is place a bowl filled with water in the microwave for one minute or until it begins to steam. Wipe the microwave oven with a microfibre cloth.

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Capacity :44L
Switch Control:Feather Touch
Combi Cooking:4
Auto Cook Function :13
Turnable Plate Diameter:360 mm
Child Lock:Yes Rated Input Voltage:230V Ð 50Hz
Microwave Output :900W
Top Heater :1750W
Bottom Heater:600W
Convection Power :1750W

Dimensions 23.4 × 18.1 × 17.8 cm