Kutchina Built-in-Microwave Radianz White


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BRAND : Kutchina

With 10 auto cooking programmes, the 25 L Radianz White microwave oven by Kutchina comes with various Indian and European cooking menu options like soup, pizza, cake, pasta, among others. The oven comes with 1450 W and 900 W input and output power respectively that provides a convenient cooking experience. Besides, this kitchen appliance is equipped with 9 pre-set functions. With up to 95 minutes of cooking timer, this appliance can meet your cooking requirements. The feather touch control buttons make the appliance easy to use. Unlike conventional push-button doors, this microwave oven comes with an electric control touch door that opens effortlessly. The child lock programme prevents the microwave ovenÕs accidental operation. Capacity: Apt for small to medium-sized families, the Kutchina Radianz White microwave oven comes with 25 L capacity that provides you with a smooth cooking experience. It lets you cook enough food for your family at one go.
Easy cooking: With a number of features, it offers you a convenient cooking experience. The microwave oven comes with a rotisserie skewer and universal pan that allow uniform distribution of heat, besides keeping the nutrition of the food intact.
Convection: With a convection power of 2250 W, the convection mode in the microwave oven cooks food faster while saving a lot of energy. It lets you add an effect of crispiness to your foods.
Child lock safety: The child lock safety in the microwave oven is the best part. It enables the microwave oven to be locked so that your little ones cannot operate it by accidentally pressing the buttons.
Touch door: Unlike the conventional push-button doors, this microwave oven comes with an electric control touch opening door that opens without much effort. This adds to your convenience.
Combi modes: Equipped with various combi modes like microwave, grill, and convection, this kitchen appliance lets you experiment with a number of recipes like cake, lasagna, kebabs and tikkas.
Auto cooking options: There are 10 auto cooking functions, including Indian and European cooking like soup, pizza, pasta, and cake. The auto-sensor adjusts the cooking settings correctly by sensing the food item.
Cooking timer: This microwave oven comes with a cooking timer of a maximum of 95 minutes. You can set the timer as per your cooking and the microwave oven will signal once done. You need to press the cooking timer after selecting the duration to start the countdown.
Easy to clean: Our microwave oven is designed for easy cleaning. By following a few simple steps, you can keep the appliance free from stains.

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Capacity: 25L
Switch Control: Feather Touch
Microwave: Yes
Grill: Yes
Convection: Yes
Auto Cook Function: 10
Child Lock: Yes
Cooking Timer: 95 Minutes Rated Input Voltage: AC220-240V
Illumination: 25W
Input Power (Microwave): 1450W
Output Power (Microwave): 900W
Grill Power: 1.1 KW
Convection Power: 2250W

Dimensions 23.4 × 18.5 × 15.2 cm