Kutchina Built-in-Oven Impresso


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BRAND : Kutchina

The Kutchina Impresso built-in oven is loaded with smart features that let you prepare cakes, lasagnas, roast meat, and more lip-smacking recipes, The 65 L oven has enough space to prepare sufficient quantities of meals for large-sized families. The oven has a mechanical timer that sets the desired time of cooking and controls the operations. A multi-tasking device that can bake, thaw, and cook, this built-in oven lets you experiment with new recipes. Loaded with innovative features like three heating elements, 9 pre-set functions, a rotisserie skewer, and 10 auto cooking programmes, this is a must-have appliance for convenient cooking.Capacity: With a capacity of 65 L, this built-in oven is just perfect for medium to large-sized families. It is apt for cooking large amounts of meals at a go.
Power consumption: With the 2.2 KW grill power, you can prepare a wide variety of delicious food items.
Rotisserie: Comes with a rotisserie skewer, this oven lets you prepare delicious and evenly crispy or browned meat or poultry items very easily. The feature promotes uniform heat distribution to cook the food properly, keeping its nutritional value intact.

Cooking timer: It has a cooking timer of maximum 2 hours to let you cook dishes that require slow cooking.
Lip-smacking dishes: Equipped with 10 auto cooking options of Indian and European dishes, you can now easily prepare pizza, pasta, cake, soups, or other items, by just clicking the pre-programmed settings. Designed for comfort, these programmes ensure convenience and hassle-free cooking.
Pre-set functions: This oven comes with 9 pre-set cooking functions such as defrost, bottom heat, convection with fan, radiant grilling, double grilling, among others.
Heating element: Comprising three different heating elements Ð top, bottom, and back, it ensures uniform heat generation and evenly cooked food.
Sophisticated design: The sophisticated built-in design of this oven not just accentuates the style of your kitchen but also makes your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. The elegant design of the appliance perks up your modern kitchen decor.
Switch control: The built-in oven has a mechanical timer that sets the desired time of cooking. When the cooking time is over, the bell will ring.

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Capacity: 65L
Switch Control: Mechanical Timer
Indication: Acoustic Ring
Heating Element: 3 (Top, Bottom & Back)
Cooking Function: 9
Rotisserie: Yes
Child Lock: N/A
Cooking Timer: 2 Hrs Rated Input Voltage: AC220-240V
Grill power Consumption: 2.2 KW
Illumination: 25W
Oven power Consumption: 2250 W

Dimensions 23.4 × 22.6 × 23.4 cm