Kutchina-MABELA 3BT 60 LUXZ Hob


  • Kutchina
BRAND : Kutchina

BURNER POWER (135mm)(KW): 3.5 KW
BURNER POWER (68mm) (KW): 1.5 KW
IGNITION (BATTERY 1.5V): Pulse Ignition
GLASS: 8mm Tempered Glass
BOTTOM: Black Powder Coating
PAN SUPPORT TYPE: Cast Iron (Matte finish)
DRIP TRAY: Square (Scratch proof)
KNOB: Metalic

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The Kutchina Mabela 3BT 60 LUXZ built-in hob top comes with three highly efficient brass burners that help in cooking a variety of dishes simultaneously. The gas pipes and electrical wires are concealed, thereby giving a neat look to your kitchen. The brass burners enable faster cooking and even distribution of heat. The high-quality metallic knobs are ergonomic. The pulse ignition feature of the hob top eliminates the need for a gaslighter or matchbox. It comes with cast iron pan supports to balance large kitchen cookware. Perfect for Indian cooking, this built-in hob has enough space between the burners, thereby allowing you to place large utensils. The sleek design and 8 mm thick tempered glass top add to the style quotient of the appliance. The in-built safety features like the flame failure device make it apt for every household.

  • Number of burners: The Kutchina Mabela 3BT 60 LUXZ built-in hob top is an ideal choice for medium-sized families. It comes with three highly efficient burners spaced perfectly enough for you to place three large utensils at the same time. It saves you time and effort as you can cook three delicious meals simultaneously.
  • Material of the burners: The burners are made of brass, which allows even distribution of the heat and flame. They are durable and reliable.
  • Autoignition: The best part of the hob top is the auto-ignition system. You don’t need any gas lighter or matchstick. When you turn the knob of the appliance, it triggers an electric spark to ignite the gas in the burner. You can adjust the flame just by turning the knob as per your cooking requirements.
  • Gas connection: Supports LPG and NG.
  • Built-in safety measures: The hob has built-in safety measures that provide you with a better cooking experience. It comes with built-in safety measures like the flame failure device. It prevents leakage of gas when the flame goes off by turning off the gas supply.
  • Heat-resistant glass top: The toughened glass top of the gas hob is heat and scratch-resistant, thereby making your appliance a delight to work on. The 8 mm thick tempered glass top is not just efficient but also it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the appliance.
  • Pan support: The pan supports of this appliance are sturdy enough to make your culinary experience hassle-free. They provide stability to the utensils and reduce spills and splatters. It prevents the cookware from tripping over while cooking.
  • Easy to maintain: The Kutchina hob top provides you with long-term performance and it is easy to maintain. Besides, the smooth glass top is very easy to clean. For that, you just need a cleaning agent and a damp microfibre cloth. The ergonomic knobs also allow easy cleaning.