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If you are looking for a kitchen chimney that requires minimal maintenance and has a high suction capacity, then Kutchina Cresta kitchen chimney is the ideal choice. With 1200±50m_/Hr suction capacity, this chimney ensures that your kitchen is odour-free and the walls and tiles are without any grime. The filterless chimney comes with a detachable oil collector tray to collect the oil and grease particles. This tray can be easily removed and emptied. The motor is designed to ensure powerful suction with low noise. The touch interface makes it easy to operate. It comes with a power-saving LED lamp to illuminate up the hob area for convenient cooking. The sleek design makes it an instant charmer.

Suction capacity: With 1200±50m_/Hr capacity suction capacity, this chimney is an ideal solution for drawing away smoke, grease and odour from your kitchen. The high suction capacity enhances the overall cooking experience and prevents your kitchen tiles and walls from becoming sticky.
Size: The 60 cm chimney is ideal for 2 burner and 3 gas burner gas stoves. For effective suction, install the chimney right above the gas cooktop.
Layout: Apt for small to medium-sized kitchens, this chimney comes with an inclined hood that is equipped with a powerful motor that draws away fumes and grimes. The auto-clean technology and uncompromising quality make Kutchina kitchen chimney an ideal partner.
Auto-clean technology: This Kutchina chimney comes with advanced auto-clean technology. It comes with an oil collector that allows a complete hassle-free cleaning. All the grease and oil particles accumulate in the detachable oil collector that can be easily removed, cleaned and placed back in its place. The detachable oil collector makes sure that the internal parts of the chimney are not damaged by the grease, ensuring the durability of the chimney.
Illumination type: The chimney is equipped with an LED lamp that is designed to illuminate the hob area so that you can cook conveniently.
Speed control: Easy controls let you choose among three convenient speeds Ñ low, medium and high. You can adjust the speed as per your cooking requirements.
Switch control: For easy and quick operation, the Kutchina chimney comes with a touch control panel.
Low noise level: The motor in the chimney is designed to operate at a low noise level so that you can cook peacefully.
Aesthetics: The inclined hood chimney is all that you need to keep your kitchen clean and smoke-free. The elegant design of the chimney will give your kitchen a modern look.

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Layout: SIDE (2 ft)
Suction(m3/h): 1200±50m_/Hr
Auto Clean type: DRY, 3rd Generation Technical SpeciÞcations:
SIZE: 60 Cm
Voltage(V): AC220-240V
Rated Motor Power(W): 1 X 200W
Illumination type: LED Lamp
Illumination Power: 1 X max 3W
Auto Clean type: DRY, 3rd Generation
Autoclean Power(W): 75 W
Total Power(W): 278 W
SUCTION(m3/h): 1200±50m_/Hr
Noise Level(dBA): 58 dB
Speed Control: 3
Switch Control: Touch Control
Outlet Diameter(mm): 150mm

Dimensions 23.6 × 16.5 × 35.4 cm