Lift And Slide Doors


  • JSK Window
BRAND : JSK Window

A Significantly Sought-after selection for covering significant spans that link inside of with outside. These stunning looking doors glide backwards and forwards on feather touched rollers, with very little efforts, and supply rich panoramic views through its extensive glass window panes which come with out ant dividers.

Incredibly smooth to control, Lift And Slip enables seamless integration of just living or workplace in to the surrounding nature, with very little barrier, providing you with sense of incredibly wide spaces.

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Modern And Classy.
Easy Effortless operations.
Larges glass window panes with out dividers for neat and clear view.
Room looks much more spacious and larger.
Particularly reduced doors ill for problem free connection facing outward.
Larges scale glazing enables sufficient light and brighten up the room.

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