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Lighting control can be wired or wireless depending on the wiring of your house, there are rumors and talks that wireless lighting control is not as good as wired but thatÕs just a myth, current automation system gives tough completion to wired home automation system when it comes to lighting automation.

Technologies working on wireless control are Z-WAVE, RF, Zigbee, with our experience in this field, wired automation does not gives you a flexibility of scale ability when it comes to increase in the number of circuits or modules. Even for that matter in case you want to add a new lamp in your living room and if you have used the wired automation and not planned a wire at that location, that lamp cannot be automated but this restriction is not faced with wireless brands.

We have moved away from data cables to wifi networks wherein we transfer data or stream movies in Gigabytes and for automation the data transferred is in Mbps so why not wireless option with the freedom of scale ability.

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