SD 6009


  • Sky DŽcor
BRAND : Sky DŽcor

Wood makes you feel closer to the nature and when used in the homedecor,adds a rustic charm to it. It provides you the warmth and makes you feel at home. The wooden matt feel is the prime feature of this collection. It has a mixture of light and dark colors for all your interior needs. It is best suited for your home and office dŽcor. It is perfect to be incorporated in any space. You can extend the life of a wardrobe or any other area with laminates surfacing. It is perfect for pantry, closet, home or office makeover. So many spaces can be revamped with the use of laminates. Laminated surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain which is an added bonus. These laminates are known for their longevity and strength. Laminates can be incorporated in many creative ways for a harmonious look. We have the texture of wood available in different colors with a silky matt finish in our PVC laminates. You can turn your dream dŽcor projects into reality with high gloss advanced PVC laminates.

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