Orientbell-BDM Swanwood Brown Flooring


  • Orientbell
BRAND : Orientbell

Tile Material: Ceramic
Finish: Matte Finish
Applicable Spaces: Bedroom Tiles, Terrace Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Accent Tiles, Automotive Tiles, School Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office, Outdoor/Terrace
Can be used for: Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles
Tile Size: 600×600 mm

About BDM Swanwood Brown Tile:

The colour of swanwood perfectly embraced by basket weave pattern is all your floor needs to brighten up the entire space. Colour coordinate these your floor with contrast furniture and neutral coloured furnishing in order to accentuate the look and feel of your space. Swanwood is known for its colour which distinct itself from usual browns of wood. Swanwood Brown tiles perfectly matches the actual colour of Swanwood but requires minimum effort when it comes to its maintenance. The basket weave pattern gives it a distinct look, breaking the single colour into a pattern. This design and colour is perfect to be laid in the entire residential space or commercial spaces like; offices, malls, retail shops, showroom as they would not just look elegant but also wouldn’t distract your customers from the actual commodity. These wooden tiles are easy to clean and can be mopped daily unlike actual wooden flooring making them a great choice for Indian homes.

Other Details:
Size: 600×600
Tiles per Box: 4
Number of Faces: 1
Factory: Dora
Recommended Laying Pattern: Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern