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BRAND : Nivasa

Artscape from NIVASA is a first of its kind venture, a unique attempt to bring the artist to meet lovers of art. Artscape sponsors and supports artists, potters and sculptors by commissioning work and by marketing their creations at the NIVASA retail store. The retail store also houses exclusive and unique art pieces, created specifically for the brand. These include ceramic pottery items like pots, vases, urns, tiles, sculptures; metal sculptures and paintings of upcoming artists.

Artscape is a platform that seeks to promote artists and is being heralded as a welcome step by the art fraternity.

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Visit the Artscape Gallery for a pick of varied and wonderful art. Our curator will be on hand to assess your choices and to give you excellent, expert advice on styles, colours, and information on pricing and value.

Nivasa also has a permanent exhibition space under the Artscape banner which showcases works of selected artists ~ painters , potters and sculptors. This is a dedicated space at the terrace of the Nivasa store. The space evokes a Mediterranean feel with pristine white rough finished walls and arched windows that look out to treetops. Every artistÕs dream come true, the Gallery is a much sought after destination for those who appreciate art.

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