Underwater Fountain Light


  • K-Lite
BRAND : K-Lite

High efficiency underwater LED Fountain Light for illumination of medium and large swimming pools, water features and fountains revealing underwater architecture. Surface version is available with high luminous efficiency and optics including RGB creating special lighting effects.

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Technical Specifications
_ Complete housing made of marine grade stainless steel #316
_ PCB made of excellent heat conductivity aluminium =2.0w/mk
_ Luminaire hard wired for single colour 2 x 1.0Sq.mm / RGB 4 x0.75Sq.mm 3 metres water resistant cable.
_ Requires remote power supply of 24Vdc.
_ Temperature of water between -20¡C~40¡C.
_ Recommended installation depth upto 1 metre below the water surface.
_ CE – Conformity mark

Product Benefits
_ High luminous efficiency at reduced wattage.
_ A sleek and minimalist shape provides distinctive lighting effects.
_ Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Fountain, Pool, Fish tank and other similar applications

Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 2.4 cm