Vito Floor-Oak White Lime Flooring


  • Vito Floor
BRAND : Vito Floor

Collection Name: Krono – Forte Classic

Décor: As mentioned below

Dimension: 192 x 1285mm

Surface: Matt Embossed

Box Packing: 23.90sqft (9 planks/box)

Class of Use: Class 33 / AC5 – For all residential application as well as normal to heavy commercial use

Finish: Satin Matte

Shade: Brown

Material: Oak

Thickness: Approx 8mm to 11mm

Product type: Lime Flooring

Area Package: 150 m2 (16.14 Sq.feet)

As the name suggests, Oak White Lime Flooring is manufactured with a special surface treatment, which involves liming of the finish layer. Our flooring uses only the finest quality raw material and is manufactured using the most advanced technology.



  • Stained and lacquered
  • Micro edges
  • Easy fixing


Other Information:

  • The collection has a variety of flooring options in different species, sizes, and surface textures.